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Diaper Service EXTRA

Diaper Service EXTRA

$ 42.50
Before you purchase cloth diaper service, please read through our


Don't want to put up the investment to purchase the waterproof diaper covers? You can get all the covers you need for the week, delivered to your door each week, AND you can just toss them in with your cloth diapers for us to wash for you! Receive the basics of what you will need to successfully cloth diaper your child 24/7!

This package includes:

  • Up to 160 prefold diapers, rotated week to week, picked up, washed and delivered back to your door, in the size your child needs!
  • 30 waterproof diaper covers, in your baby's size, rotated week to week, picked up, washed, and delivered back to your door with your cloth diapers!
  • Reusable diaper pail liner
  • Snappi diaper fastener

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